Skin Care: Lotion Vs. Cream

Skin care awareness has led to a horde of skin care products in the market with the key audience being focused on women. Citing the widespread demands in the market for varied sets of skin care essentials, scientific research is eager to provide virtually any kind of cream or skin care lotion product for all-around ailments of the face and skin. Which one holds the prime stage for the consumers? This is still a matter of debate and needs a more thorough analysis and persistent evaluations.

However there can be no definite conclusion to the heated debate as it becomes a matter of personal preference for incorporating any one of the products for your personal vanity bags.

We are all aware that the greasier creams are thwarted when in competition with a non greasy (non viscous) or less greasy one. The non viscous creams are composed of less oil and therefore are more beneficial for occasions which demand long hours of wearing facial make up. For this reason skin care creams are renowned more as moisturizers than as cleaners or toners. For toners the most lavish choice seems to be lotions; however there are creams which can also be good substitutes for toners. For cleansing, both lotions and skin care creams have somewhat equal voicing, but in the thick of the debate the audience seems to embrace lotions more.

Moisturizing creams are known for keeping dry and rough skin vibrant and alive for a longer period of time. That’s why some of the best brands of moisturizing creams come in the form of moisturizers. Although moisturizing creams have their relevance in their niche market and audience, there are other popular creams that are more advantageous when it comes to oily skin care. These creams are composed of ingredients such as vitamin A and Sulphur which aids in reducing sebum production and optimizing the melanocytes of the epidermal layer with the external environment.

For localized disorders involving the external application of medicine, creams are the best choice for its’ cohesive strength to stick to a particular region for precisely longer durations when compared with lotions which are generally in liquid form. Although, lotions are best utilized with circumstances where medicinal washing is required for the same opposite reason that the cream was intended for a localized skin disorder. The key aspect is not unknown to the manufactures as they have separated the two into their respective niche categories so that a more intelligent choice is finally made by the consumers.

The recent innovations of epidermal care for wrinkles around the eyes and anti-aging suggest that creams are a much more obvious choice than that of lotions.

What is of prime importance after all the debating is the fact that one should know how to answer questions like, “what do I use?” and “when to use it?” for a more dynamic result and self-oriented approach towards your skin toning or care needs.